2023 the 8th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics
April 24-26, 2023 // Chengdu, China


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2023年第八届云计算与大数据分析国际会议已于于2023年4月26-28日在成都召开! 会议由 IEEE, 四川省电子学会主办, 国家基因库(CNGB) 联合主办, 西华大学承办, 西南交通大学协办,四川省云计算与智能技术重点实验室, 重庆邮电大学计算智能重庆市重点实验室等单位提供支持. 会议主题涵盖云计算与大数据分析以及相关领域。


Keynote Speakers:

Assaf Schuster, ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Jixin Ma, University of Greenwich, UK

Hongliang Zhang, Peking University, China

Jieyu Wang, Associated researcher of BGI-Shenzhen, China

Chunpeng Wu, State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute



Excellent Oral Presentations

SA: Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
Chinese-Mongolian Machine Translation Combining Sentence Structure Information
Aijun Zhang, Weijian Hu, Mingxing Luo, Lingfang Li
Presenter: Lingfang Li, Southwest Jiaotong University, China


SB: System Model and Computing Analysis
BGCFormer: A Text Event Feature Fusion Learning Model based on Transformer
Yulong Liu, Juan Wang, Qian Li
Presenter: Qian Li, The 15th research institute of China, electronics technology group corporation, China


SC: Data Management and Data Analysis
An approximation computation approach to big data analysis with a case analysis of PV system
Wei Song
Presenter: Wei Song, Dalarna University, Sweden

S1: Mobile Computing and Data Management in Mobile Communication Networks
Research on Physical Layer Key Generation Based on Wireless Channel Characteristics in New Power System
Keming Wang, Haoquan Gong, Jun Ma, Xuan He,Tianyuan Zheng
Presenter: Tianyuan Zheng, North China Electric Power Universty, China


S2: Design and Functional Analysis of Intelligent Information Systems
Application of Curriculum Teaching Resources Based on K8S Container Technology under the Background of Digital Campus
Hao Cai, Fen Cheng, Lijuan Guan, Jing Kang
Presenter: Lijuan Guan, Wuhan Railway Vocational College of Technology, China


S3: Big Data Management and Visual Analysis
Housing Profile and Recommendation for Housing Provident Fund Using Two-Tower Neural Collaborative Filtering
Zhijun Xie, Zhenting Guo, Xiaoxia Hong, Zuoming Zhao, Juan Liu and Xiaoling Li
Presenter: Zhenting Guo, Chongqing University, China


S4: Digital Image Analysis and Processing Technology
Research on Re-recognition Method of Multi-branch Fusion Attention Mechanism for Occluded Pedestrian
Haiyan Zhao, Yan Xu
Presenter: Haiyan Zhao, Shandong University of Science and Technology, China


S5: Cloud computing and cloud services
Genetic Algorithm Based Service Broker Policy to find Optimal Datacenters in Cloud Services
Shusmoy Chowdhury, Ajay Katangur, Alaa Sheta, Nagesh Rao Psayadala, Siming Liu
Presenter: Shusmoy Chowdhury, Missouri State University, USA


S6: Information Security and Privacy Protection
Financial Risk Warning and Control of Media Listed Companies Based on Factor Analysis
Dan Li, Ziyan Chen, Rui Huang, Xia Ouyang
Presenter: Ziyan Chen, Xiangnan University, China


S7: Data Mining and Data Analysis Models
Analysis of the Packet Pruning Apriori Algorithm
Yanmei Kang, Yongjian Zhang, Shi Li, Liang Mi, Qilei Cheng, Xu Chen
Presenter: Yongjian Zhang, University of International Relations Beijing, China


S9: Prediction Algorithm and Model Design
A word's difficulty level classification model based on random forest algorithm and K-means clustering algorithm
Jiajie Ning, Feifan Huang, Maoyuan Yin
Presenter: Jiajie Ning, China Agricultural University, China


S10: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
Tourism Event Knowledge Graph for Attractions Recommendation
Chang Niu, Wei Huang
Presenter: Chang Niu, Tsinghua University, China


S11: Data Mining and Data Analysis Models
Research on drilling overflow warning method based on logging data and LSTM
Mubai Duan, Qiang Wei, Gen Yang, Xianjie He, Qiulai Xue, Yinxiang Feng
Presenter: Mubai Duan, CCDC Drilling and Production Engineering Technology Research Institute, China